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To motivate yourself

Once you have decided to create new habits and exercise, how do you keep your motivation up?


Man was created for movement, not for sitting still. Not everyone likes the same things, but everyone likes something, they just have to find YOUR thing. Find what works for you, and then stick to it! If you start training something you do not really like, it is much harder to continue. That path seldom lasts in the long run. Try it out until you find something you actually enjoy doing!


If you have not moved so much before and suddenly decide to start exercising, you can not expect something to happen overnight, unfortunately. You will neither see results nor think that it is the most fun you know and long for. But, give it time, be persistent. It may take months before you notice a change, but persevere and stick to your plan. Training always pays off.


Sometimes the training can feel so heavy - both mentally and physically. It happens to everyone, at regular intervals. But it is the sessions that you actually manage to complete there and then, despite opposition, that are the most important. Work on! Not all training is always fun, but it's the way it is sometimes. Do not give up - it will be fun again soon!

Never give up!

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