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Here's what you consider starting strenght training at home!

Strength training: Home vs gym

One of the benefits of strength training in the gym includes having access to a wide range of different equipment.

Strength training at home might fit into your day more easily, plus, you'll save time on the commute, giving yourself more time for the other priorities in your life.

Can you get results with strength training at home? Yes, you definitely can! The key to achieving results is to follow a workout program consistently.

Benefits of strength training at home Strength training at home has many benefits for both your training and overall lifestyle.

Physical benefits Strength training can help you to burn more energy at rest, as well as improving your muscular strength and endurance. Training benefits

When you train at home, you can focus on moving through the exercises at your own pace and maximise the time allocated to your workout.

Lifestyle benefits

Doing your strength training from home can be much more convenient — which means that you’re more likely to be consistent with your workouts!

How to start strength training at home You can start strength training at home any time, whether you are experienced, or just getting started with this training style.

There are several at-home workout programs available in the Bodyweight app if you are looking for guidance.

Do you need equipment for strength training at home? You can start strength training at home with no-equipment exercises or with the Bodyweight suspension band, or the different resistance bands. This is both for beginners and advanced athletes.

As you progress with your training, you can include some versatile pieces of equipment like dumbells and a bench. Each exercise has step-by-step instructions and guided workout demonstrations to ensure you complete each exercise with correct form. Everything is in the Bodyweight app, and for free.

So what are you waiting for? The best time to start is now!


Download your training app for iPhone or Android here!

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