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Functional training

Functional training is a form of training that involves training mobility, balance and coordination with exercises that activate many different muscles at the same time. Of course, you build up your strength at the same time. Functional training differs from other training in different ways. An example of how functional strength training differs from traditional strength training, bodybuilding, is that in traditional strength training you train one muscle at a time. You then isolate one or two muscle groups and train them in a specific exercise. In functional training, the goal is to achieve a functional body with the help of natural movements that include many muscle groups at the same time. BALANCE AND IMBALANCE By not working in fixed machines but instead training with a Bodyweight band, your training becomes more functional. In such an exercise, you have to activate so many muscles in your body to perform the exercises, without you thinking about it. Your balance and posture are trained automatically while you focus on performing the strength exercises. STAY YOUNG WITH FUNCTIONAL TRAINING With age comes not only wisdom and experience, but also unwanted things like stiffness and diminished strength. But - it does not have to be that way. With the help of functional training, even older people can maintain balance, strength and agility, well into old age. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING AND BODYWEIGHT® With the help of Bodyweight®, you can easily perform functional training, wherever you want. There are a variety of exercises that build your body in a way that makes you strengthen yourself in a way that benefits you not only in appearance but also functionally. Whether you are young or old, fit or untrained, you can use Bodyweight® effectively and safely. It is you, your body, and the angle of the body that determines how heavy you do your training.

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