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Why band training?

There are many benefits to training with the BODYWEIGHT bands - here are some!

1. Two in one

When you are short of time, and want to run an intense workout with both strength and fitness, Bodyweight is perfect! By running a strength workout in the bands and between the exercises running what we call "active rest" (jogging or jumping) you will both get the desired skin and be able to run heavy strength exercises!

2. Effective

Research shows that bodyweight-based exercises in short sessions with high intensity are even more effective than previously thought! By only using a multifunctional tool such as Bodyweight, you can easily switch between the exercises without having to lose heart rate in between. It is good to only have a short rest period between exercises, and then preferably "active rest". You increase your heart rate and you burn even more calories.

3. Mobility

When you use Bodyweight, you build up your muscle strength while also improving your mobility and agility.

4. Core

Core is the English word for what we usually call torso stability, and it is more than just stomach. In fact, there are more than twenty muscles involved in what stabilizes your torso, and many of the Bodyweight exercises activate all twenty - all the time! Such exercises improve the basic strength that provides better posture and allows you to avoid back pain!

5. Something for everyone

The bodyweight exercises are made to suit everyone, regardless of physical starting position. An exercise can be made lighter or heavier depending on how, and at what angle in relation to the band, you are standing. To make an exercise heavier, increase the angle, to make it easier, decrease the angle. The bodyweight exercises offer lots of opportunities and variations, where there is always room for development, in each workout.

6. Convenient

If you ask someone who does not train, why they do not train, most people probably answer that they "do not have time", or that it is "complicated". With Bodyweight® training system, you do not need to have any excuses - it is easy and it goes fast, anyone can squeeze in the training wherever they are.

7. Adapted resistance

Since you only use your own body weight as resistance in the Bodyweight® exercises, your training is adapted to you and your own conditions. You choose - increase or decrease the angle between your body and the Bodyweight® band to find the right resistance.

8. Balance

When you train with Bodyweight®, you also improve your balance. Almost all exercises require a certain amount of balance, and the more you train, the better balance you get. As we grow older, our sense of balance deteriorates - if we do not train to maintain it. This means that if you want to maintain your balance as you get older, you need to maintain your sense of balance.

9. Cool!

Bodyweight® training system can be used indoors or outdoors, alone or with a group of friends! Why not pull your group of friends together to train together instead of watching the latest series on TV? I bet you will have more fun when you train than when you sit in front of the TV!

10. Result

Let's talk results. With Bodyweight, you get fast and clear results mainly because the exercises involve composite movements. The combination of strength, agility and fitness is hard to beat. Do you try!

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